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Community Relations


The Sequoia Yacht Club has a proud history of community service and involvement within Redwood City including it's local agencies, the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento Delta. As sailing enthusiasts, the Club and members of Sequoia Yacht Club provide and participate in the support of the local sailing community, the ongoing support of Youth Sailing programs, programs for disabled sailors and activities related to the conservation of the local natural marine environment.

Our areas of interest are:

  • Conservation
  • Individual and Member Contributions
  • Community
  • Charities and Organizations
  • Historical Preservation



Sequoia Yacht Club is dedicated to protecting all aspects of the marine environment. SYC continues to promote to its members and the general public the desire to preserve the ecology of the Port of Redwood City, Bair Island and related waters by encouraging the protection of its natural ecology, care and protection.

  • Coastal Cleanup Day: Since 2011, Sequoia Yacht Club has hosted a Coastal Cleanup site annually where members, family, friends and the local business community are invited to participate in the cleaning of Redwood City waterways and shores. Hundreds of pounds of trash and recyclables are removed annually. Watch our video HERE.


  • Dockwalker Program: Sequoia Yacht Club actively encourages members to participate in the California Coastal Commission’s Dockwalker program. These seminars train individuals to spread the word on best environmental practices related to Clean Boating.


  • No-Plastics House Rule: In 2014, Sequoia Yacht Club adopted House Rule section 17 “Sustainability and Environmental”, with section 17.1 declaring the elimination of single-use plastics (forks, knives, cups, etc.) for club-related activities. Collection efforts from Coastal Cleanup Day showed that plastics are the most dangerous element to the marine environment. The House Rule was designed as a completely new Rules section which will allow future inclusions to section 17 and expand it’s impact.
  • Fishing Line Collection: In 2012, Sequoia Yacht Club lead the installation of a fishing line filament collection bin at the Port of Redwood City’s municipal pier within the marina, encouraging the public to collect and contain used, harmful fishing line into a collection bin in order to protect animal and birds from entanglement.

Individual and Member Contributions

As individual members and as part of Sequoia Yacht Club, individual action and participation in community affairs is encouraged throughout the year. While our members work for the community and build relationships, they are encouraged to bring non-profits to Sequoia Yacht Club for the use of its facilities.

  • Community Engagement Manager: Sequoia Yacht Club’s “Community Engagement Manager” is a newly created volunteer position, established in 2016. The goal of the position is to continually engage Sequoia members to be an active part of the local community by sourcing local volunteer opportunities. More over, the club continually engages and encourages it’s members to welcome non-profit organizations to use the club.

  • Non-profit Event Space: The Sequoia Yacht Club provides is facility to non-profit and/or community organization for a low facility rental. This allows local non-profit organizations a professional venue available to facilitate in the development of their missions and to further their causes so they may achieve their missions.

  • Build-A-Bike Program: Since 2013, Sequoia Yacht Club has run an annual Build-A-Bike program during the holidays. Each year, members donate a new bicycle and work together to assemble them, providing all bicycles to the local Redwood City Fireman’s charity. To date, Sequoia members have assembled and donated over 125 children's bicycles.


Sequoia’s members and the Clubhouse facility are readily available to host various city and county agencies in support of local community activities, in addition to providing other forms of hospitality when out-of-town visitors are in the area. As in the past, the Sequoia Yacht Club’s Clubhouse is seen as a venue with open arms to the community and continually welcome local groups.

  • Westpoint Regatta: Sequoia Yacht Club, together with Treasure Island Yacht Club, co-host the annual Westpoint Regatta which invites close to 100 boats annually to sail into the South Bay (a YRA event race).
  • Pacific Inter-club Yacht Association: Sequoia Yacht Club is a member of the PICYA (Pacific Inter-club Yacht Association) and is an active participant in their annual Leadership Conferences. In 2016, Sequoia Yacht Club worked together with the California Coastal Commission and Coastal Cleanup Day to encourage all PICYA Clubs to actively participate in Coastal Cleanup Day.

  • Hannig Cup: Sequoia Yacht Club hosts the annual Hannig Cup, a charity event raising millions of dollars annually for non-profit and community organizations including Doctors Without Borders and PICYA.
  • Tall Ships: Sequoia Yacht Club hosts the annual visit of the Tall Ships and their youth sailing crew. The Tall Ships is a unique program where students are welcomed to sail a traditional tall ship along the coast of California for months, sharpening their nautical skills and working collaboratively to maintain the sail and to together. When the Tall Ships visit the Port of Redwood City, they welcome free tours to the Redwood City community of their impressive ships.


Charities and Organizations

The Sequoia Yacht Club believes in giving back to the community; it is part of who we are as a club. Over the years, we have been proud to support the following charities and organizations:

  1. Sea Scouts
  2. SYC’s Junior Sailing Program
  3. Redwood City’s PortFest

Historical Preservation

Since Sequoia Yacht Club’s inception, the Club has prided itself with the preservation of its history since the club was founded in 1939. The Club believes that its long standing in the community provides the opportunity to add to the local flavor of sailing in the South Bay. The Club maintains a historical archive.