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Power Fleet

Power FleetThe power fleet is a small but important part of our club. Our guiding principal is inclusivity to ensure that all members of our club - sailors, racers, and paddlers, as well as power boaters - have a chance to get to know each other and play together. 

To that end, we host events and activities throughout the year that we hope are of interest to all boaters. We also host an email list that any club member can join, and we meet every two months to plan our activities. Please join us!

2017 Events:

Fri, Feb 24: Mike Casey from Canvas Works, Sausalito - How to take care of canvas and vinyl to make it last longer, samples of the latest technology in canvas and vinyl, pros and cons/best uses of each type, alternative fasteners available, how to store canvas when you're not using it, and more.

Fri, April 28: LED lighting discussion - Glenn Algie

Sun, May 21: Anchoring lesson

Fri, Aug 25: Glenn Algie and Shannon Amerman - Marine Heads Demystified - types of heads, how they work, how to maintain/repair them, pros and cons of each type, fresh water vs. salt water, and more.

Fri, Nov 3: Linda and Jim Powers - Cruising the World - They're members of Berkeley Yacht Club and have been sailing around the world for over 8 years. Should be a great presentation!

Power fleet meeting dates in 2017:

All on Mondays at 7pm at the club:

  • January 30
  • March 13
  • May 15
  • July 17
  • Sept 18
  • Nov 13