Junior Sailing Program

The Club’s Junior Sailing program has been active for over thirty years. Run by dedicated volunteers, the program includes Spring and Fall seasons with Saturday classes, as well as week-long Summer Camp sessions. The Program takes place in the calm and protected waters of the Port of Redwood City.

Close monitoring, instruction, and guidance are provided on the water by our Sailing Instructors riding on safety boats. The classes emphasize safety-conscious FUN sailing, taking into consideration the weather, tides, and traffic. The junior sailors are under constant supervision. Our motto is "if in doubt, don't go out". This is emphasized during our on-shore "chalk talks" where safety and seamanship are discussed.

Students learn boat nomenclature and handling, racing tactics, and sportsmanship, as well as general skills such as knot-tying and equipment maintenance.

For more information on our program please reach out to our Junior Sailing Coordinator


Class levels

There are three class levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Beginners and Intermediates start at 9:30 am; the Advanced class starts at 11:30 am. The Spring session generally starts in January, and the Fall session starts in September. There are 10 classes in each session.


Course Requirements

Ages 8 to 18.

Students are required to complete a "Water Comfort Test" by swimming along the length of a 50-foot dock while wearing a life-jacket (they jump in at one end and swim along the edge to the other end, then swim back before climbing out).

All students must have their own Coast Guard-approved life jacket, rated for their correct weight.

Parent participation is expected


Class sign-up

Space is limited to a maximum of seven students per class. The fee for the 10 class session will be $450. This includes a US Sailing Level One Logbook sign-off, a Diploma, a Berry's Basic Sailing instruction book, and the use of our club boats.

To sign-up, please click here.

2023 Spring Class Schedule


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