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Redwood City to have Yacht Club

Redwood City to have Yacht Club
(from The Yachtsman, January 1930, p14.)


Last spring Redwood City acquired thirty acres of land near the plant of the Pacific Portland Cement Company on an arm of the bay running up to Redwood City.  Since then, this land has been filled and raised several feet above high tide with a firm mixture of mud and oyster shell dredgings.

The Council of Redwood City has let a contract for the installation of forty berthing slips for yachts along a portion of the frontage of its harbor lands.

Actual construction of this improvement work will be started about the time this issue is in the reader's hands.  Through this improvement, facilities will be offered to yachtsmen and owners of speed boats, motor boats and other pleasure craft for the mooring of their boats in calm water closely convenient and accessible to the bay at all tides.  The advantage of this location for mooring is the protected water that prevails here irrespective of storm or weather.  Piles will be driven so as to afford berths of from ten to twenty-five feet in width and having a uniform length of fifty feet.

Redwood City Yacht Club is now organized and is preparing to erect a convenient and suitable club house on a portion of Redwood City's thirty acres, which will be leased to the club at a reasonable rent to encourage boat club activities in this vicinity.  The club will start with a membership of nearly fifty members, most of whom live on the peninsula from Burlingame to Palo Alto.

Plans for the club house show a large lounging room.  There will be a veranda surrounding the club house on the main floor which will be used for social activities by Redwood City groups.

The charter of the Redwood City Yacht Club will not be closed until the end of January, and it is the hope of Dr. Francis J. Gruss, of Redwood City and San Francisco and others assisting him in the organization of the club, that a large roll of charter members will be included.

Both initiation fee and dues will be kept at the minimum consistent with provision for maintenance of the club.  As the berthing facilities will be limited those desiring accommodations should communicate with Dr. Gruss at his home or at his office, No. 12 Geary Street, San Francisco.