Sunset Series Race showing SpinnakersDelta at SunsetPower Boatsail to top of mastMetridium on starboard tack.  Port Bow.winch grindingChildren with life jacketsSan Mateo Bridge with sailboatsSYC Cruise-Out to CPYCSan Mateo Bridge with Sunset and SailboatSailing past Farallons with spinnakerMetridium on port tack.  Looking at Starboard bowRaft up at PetalumaFishing at the Delta

Club Past Commodores

The early days: 1930 - 1936 Prior to the Sequoia Yacht Club, the Redwood City Yacht Club was formed.
Click on the links below for commodore's pictures and descriptions of the significant events for each year. Past Commodores
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(And Past Presidents of the Ladies Auxiliary)
The first ten years: 1939 - 1948 Dr. August J Fromm *
Gustav R. Barth *
Horace M. Scales *
H. C. Armitage *
Edward Brickey *
Fred Smales
Cutler L. Brown *
Roy Fredlund *
Harry Green, Jr. *
Dr. E. D. Mervy
(Mae Bents)
(Jean Brickey)
(Lela Scales)
(Viola Greene)
(Lois Brown)
(Frieda Klevasahl)
The second ten years: 1949 - 1958
1950s-SYC-t.gif (7308 bytes)
Click on image for larger view of the club in the 1950's.
Albert H. "Al" Davies * 
Gerald R O'Grady *
W. W. Hilton *
W. Daniels *
C.E. "Pat" Towle *
K.T. Eugene
Stanley F. Schoof  * 2005
Stan McIntyre
Frank Maytham *
Wes Arnold
(Virginia Davies)
(Susan Clarke)
(Hilda Gaspar)
(Hilda Gaspar)
(Amy Schoof)
(Anita Jacobson)
(Charlotte Fitzpatrick)
(Hannah Maythem)
(Mary Rudd)
(Fran Arnold)
The third decade: 1959 - 1968 Bernard E."Bob" Cherney 
Flemming Blucher 
Elmer Ellsworth 
Jack Wahle * 2007
Robert Johnstone
Richard E. Thompson
H.A. (Monty) Cavender
Dennis Woodman 
Dr. John Buddenbaum
James Millward*
(Fran Arnold)
(Roberta Cherney)
(Marge Johnstone) * 2012
(Marion Kohlman)
(Toby Belt)
(Iris Nelson)
(Zona Caesar) * 2014
(Diane Cooke)
(Beverly Leggett)
(Donna Buddenbaum)
The fourth decade: 1969 - 1978 William T. Palmer 
G.E. McElroy * 2011
Raymond P. Lawrence 
James Trumbull 
Gilbert Bensinger * 
Donald Warren * 2010
Del Littfin 
John Keeler * 
Carl Ondry 
James Wyman *
(Dena Palmer)
(Maxine Parcell)
(Pat Dunah)
(Marge Keeler)
(Dottie McGuire)
(Anne King)
(Joyce Van Tuyl)
(Claire Trumbull)
(Joyce Daniel)
(Claire Wyman)
The fifth decade: 1979 - 1988 William Reisinger
Dr. Harry Love
Fred Soderer
Ron Volk
Robert Lacomble
 * 2006
Felix Conte
Seldon McCallister
Eugene Brown
George Wasilewski
Lee W. Ritchey
(Doris Molek)
(Fran Anderson)
(Nancy Volk)
(Jacquelyn McCallister)
The sixth decade: 1989 - 1998 Milton Roskelley
Edward Copeland
 * 2013
Larry Sunde * 2005
David M. Oates
Carl F. Hammer, Jr.
Joanne Wright
David Johnston, Jr.
John Mangney
Peter Nardini
David C. Bliven
The seventh decade: 1999 - 2008 Jim Humphries
Larry Mayne
Don Ritchey
Anita Giani
Bill Stark
Larry Mayne
Steve Holmstrom
John Mattis
Mike Harris
 * 2011
John Graves
The eigth decade: 2009 - present Petra Gilmore
Byron Jacobs
Joseph Curtis
Kate Humphreys
Peter Blackmore
Winston Bumpus
Dan Lockwood
Rick Gilmore

* = Deceased