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Hannig Cup - Wednesday, September 7

Hannig CupTime to get dressed in Gold and decorate your boats. Gold chains, Gold teeth, Gold Tutus, Gold Bikinis (Weather permitting). There are rumors that some folks are painting their PINK gear from last year GOLD. Golden flamingos are NOT considered cheating!

The race starts at 5:30. Cruisers are encouraged to start anytime. Late getting off work? That's ok, come join us for libations in the club after.

We just need 20 boats and 100 people in the club after the race to meet our goals. Cruisers Count! Kayaks Count! Inner tubes Count! Anyone on the water who wants to come for this fun cruisy race Counts!

Dinner will be halved chickens with Cilantro Rice and Veggies. Proceeds will help raise money for our coveted local charities.

PLEASE NOTE - Matching contributions going to Peninsula Youth and to California Inclusive Sailing will be collected after the race and throughout

If each boat raises just $200, we can meet our local goals for Peninsula Youth and All Inclusive Sailing. You can also make donations on behalf of any charity of your choice. Ask your crew for a commitment of just $20 or $50 each and we can meet our goals!

The party at Sparky's is on October 30th. The racing, cruising, or virtual boat that raises the most money will be given an award at one of the funnest venues in town. Please join us for this amazing event where the food and drinks will donated and you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. This is the last party at Sparky's ever, so it is also a chance to come say goodbye. Don't forget to say Happy Birthday to Elmer!

What is a virtual boat you ask? You can create a "boat" that is symbolic of your fundraising efforts. Your team, your neighbors, and your friends may contribute.

This is a time honored tradition, tons of fun, and coming soon!

Your Wednesday Night Sunset Captain,
Jenny Thompson