Sunset Series Race showing SpinnakersDelta at SunsetPower Boatsail to top of mastMetridium on starboard tack.  Port Bow.winch grindingChildren with life jacketsSan Mateo Bridge with sailboatsSYC Cruise-Out to CPYCSan Mateo Bridge with Sunset and SailboatSailing past Farallons with spinnakerMetridium on port tack.  Looking at Starboard bowRaft up at PetalumaFishing at the Delta

SYC Racing

Upcoming Races

Join us as we race our 2017-2018 season in one of the following series or regattas:

Check the series links below for race details, results and schedules.

Mailing Lists

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Sequoia Yacht Club Racing Program

Sequoia Yacht Club hosts a variety of racing events throughout the year, click on individual race series links below to learn more.

While competitive, the goal of racing at SYC is to foster sportsmanship, friendship and seamanship. There is usually a barbeque or dinner after each race where racers can gather to discuss the wind shifts, bay currents and winning/losing strategies over a beer.

The major series sponsored by Sequoia Yacht Club includes:

SYC also sponsors a number of other races, some of which are held in conjunction with PICYA, including:

See the individual racing pages for more details on each of these races. The club extends an invitation to any non-members who wish to join.

The Racing Rules of Sailing

Use the link below to read and review The Racing Rules of Sailing.

The Racing Rules of Sailing 2017 - 2020


Race Documents for the 2017-2018 Season

Please see the documents attached below for more detailed information.

Documents for Racing

  1. Skipper Entry & Release Form - 2018 - Required for paticipation in Sequoia ≥races
  2. Crew Registration & Waiver Form - 2018 - Required for participation in Sequoia races
  3. Pursuit Race Time Calculations: Spreadsheet used to calculate the start times for the Redwood Cup and Beer Can Series
  4. Instructions for Building a SeqYC Racing Mark using a 55-gallon drum.