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Redwood Cup

Redwood Cup

Redwood Cup Series 2016-2017

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Redwood Cup Racing Fleet

The Redwood Cup Series is held on Saturday.

The Redwood Cup is a five-race series with one throw-out race.  The series is open to all sailors.  The Redwood Cup uses a pursuit-race format, with start times based on each boat's PHRF. Slower boats start first and in a close race the action is at the finish line. The start and finish are between Port of Redwood City day mark 20 and the dolphin just off the southwest end of wharf 4.

Depending on conditions the start line may be moved to channel markers #3/#4.  Changes will be announced at the skippers meeting.


Race Series

Title Date
Redwood Cup #1 Sat, Nov 19 - 12:00pm
Redwood Cup #2 Sat, Dec 17 - 12:00pm
Redwood Cup #3 Sat, Jan 21 - 12:00pm
Redwood Cup #4 Sat, Feb 25 - 12:00pm
Redwood Cup #5 Sat, Mar 11 - 12:00pm