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SYC Racing Marks

This page is updated with the new mark placements as of Nov 2016.

Sequoia YC Marks
Sequoia YC mark locations

Attached to this page are various file formats containing the mark locations.  Due to website restrictions, these are not named with their correct extensions, so in order to use them, you need to change the file extension when you download them.

  • SeqYCMarks.kml - This is the KML version of the marks and the course legs. It can be opened in Google Earth or imported in to GPS devices/programs. Be sure to rename to SeqYCMarks.kml for it to be recognized.
  • SeqYCMarks.kmz - This is the KMZ version which is just a compressed version of the kml, but preferred by some programs.
  • SeqYCMarks.gpx - This is the GPX version of the marks. This is probably the preferred version if you're trying to import it into your device.
Locations and Descriptions of SYC Marks
Mark Description Degrees, Minutes, Seconds Decimal Degree
S/F mark 20 Redwood Creek red day mark 20 37°30'35.49"N 122°12'47.93"W 37.509 -122.213
S/F dolphin dolphin mark at SW end of Wharf #4 37°30'32.97"N 122°12'42.68"W 37.509 -122.211
2 red navigational buoy marking the end of redwood creek 37°33'10.29"N 122°11'46.66"W 37.552 -122.196
3 green day mark marking the end of redwood creek 37°32'59.78"N 122°11'36.11"W 37.549 -122.193
4 red day mark 37°32'49.54"N 122°11'42.42"W 37.547 -122.195
12 red day mark 37°33'35.29"N 122°12'37.86"W 37.559 -122.210
B green navigational buoy located at south entrance to San Mateo bridge 37°34'57.38"N 122°14'52.72"W 37.582 -122.247
E yellow collar buoy marked 'E' 37°33'57.24"N 122°13'42.90"W 37.565 -122.228
O non-existant yellow collar buoy marked 'O' 37°33'43.65"N 122°11'5.93"W 37.562 -122.184
S yellow collar buoy marked 'S' 37°34'33.00"N 122°11'52.08"W 37.575 -122.197
X yellow collar buoy marked 'X' 37°34'46.14"N 122°13'3.84"W 37.579 -122.217
Y yellow collar buoy marked 'Y' 37°33'1.20"N 122°10'21.48"W 37.550 -122.172
5 green day mark 37°38'35.80"N 122°18'46.02"W 37.643 -122.312
6 red day mark 37°38'33.96"N 122°18'53.83"W 37.642 -122.314
8 red day mark 37°36'16.71"N 122°17'29.05"W 37.604 -122.291
14 red day mark 37°30'48.03"N 122°7'55.59"W 37.513 -122.132   


SeqYC Intermark Distances
Marks Nautical Miles
S/F to 3 2.71
3 - 12 1.00
3 - Y 1.00
3 - O 0.83
3 - S 1.57
3 - B 3.27
3 - X 2.12
12 - B 2.25
12 - E 0.94
12 - O 1.23
12 - S 1.14
12 - X 1.23
12 - Y 1.89
B - E 1.36
B - O 3.25
B - S 2.43
B - X 1.45
B - Y 4.10
E - O 2.10
E - S 1.58
E - X 0.96
E - Y 2.83
O - S 1.00
O - X 1.88
O - Y 0.92
S - X 0.98
S - Y 1.94
Y - X 2.77

All government markers and buoys that are not turning marks of the race must be taken on their proper side, unless otherwise noted in the Sailing Instructions.


Here are two additional images that may be interesting.  The first is a wider view of the south bay with marks that may be used north of the San Mateo Bridge.  The second is an overlay of our marks on the SF City Front - it's interesting that our racing area is actually bigger than the area bounded by Blackaller Mark, Alcatraz, and Blossom Mark.  

Sequoia YC Marks wide view
Sequoia Marks wide view


Sequoia Marks superimposed on Main Bay city front area
Sequoia Marks superimposed on City Front



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